We believe that God calls us to be more than just casual observers of His activity.  Instead, He calls and equips His people to be active participants in His work in the world.  True discipleship is a life-long commitment we make to know Him more deeply, to follow Him more nearly, to serve Him joyfully, and share Him with others.  Below is a statement we call "My Life Mission".  We believe this statement encompasses the core commitments that should be present in those pursuing a life of discipleship:

My Life-Mission:  To be a New Testament believer of Jesus that exists by the supremacy and sovereignty of Christ, becoming a fully devoted disciple of Christ, through the transforming power of the Gospel and the Spirit of Christ.


1. To Worship Christ:  I believe I am created by God to worship God and to glorify His Son Jesus Christ. Everyone worships something. I will worship what I treasure, what I value most. As a believer, I worship Christ alone because He is the only One truly worthy of such high-level of devotion and affection. Worshipping of the Triune God, is the cornerstone of my life and the hallmark of every genuine disciple.  I began to this life-long pursuit of worshipping God alone through my personal commitment to faith in Christ, my public declaration of my faith by baptism and when I connected and committed to the Body of Christ, His church.   I am not fully devoted to carry our my journey of faith, by first and foremost, dedicating my life to be a worshiper of Christ, seeking to glorify Him above everyone and everything else in this life.


2. To Follow Christ:  I believe, I’m a disciple of Jesus, that will reflect personal life transformation and grow into the His likeness as I follow His leading as my Supreme Authority.  While this transformation happens with the activity of the indwelling Holy Spirit, I will pursue a lifetime of following Christ through learning, training, and discipline in the ways of Christ for this to happen. While I am on this journey of faith, following in the footsteps of Jesus, equipped by His Word, empowered by His Spirit, I am committed to growing spiritually in my relationship and understanding of who Christ is and who I am in Him.  There are no limitations as I follow His will. 


3. To Serve Christ: I believe that as disciple, I am called be a minister of the Gospel, and therefore I must pursue a lifetime of learning, training, discipline and giving to be an effective minister or servant.   As I am called, I will participate and invest my life in His Kingdom work through the His church and become involved in fulfilling my Life-mission wherever He may lead.  I believe I have been called, placed and gifted with talents, abilities and spiritual gifts in the body of Christ for service to my church family.  I will invest my talents, abilities and gifting generously, to the Glory of Christ, the building up of the body of Christ and the fulfillment of my Life-mission.  


4. To Share Christ: I believe that as a disciple, I have commissioned by Christ to go and make disciples. I am called to make disciples as I go, wherever I go.  Because of my commission, I desire to live our my “Life-Mission” by taking the Gospel of Christ to everyone personally, locally and globally, bringing Christ glory through their obedience to the Gospel.  Because Christ demands and deserves to be worshipped by everyone on earth, and as long as there are people not yet glorifying Him, my Life-Mission has yet to be completed.  Therefore, it is my desire to complete the task God’s given me, sharing the Gospel to the ends of the earth until Christ returns!