My Story

Our goal is to help every member of IBC know for certain that they have God’s incredible gift of Eternal Life, and then be able to share their story whenever God opens a door for them. As you begin to write your story, first pray that God will guide you and give you the words to use. Next work through this template, develop your story, print it out on a separate sheet of paper, or email it to your LG leader. Finally, ask God to give you opportunities to share your story and to use you to bring glory to Him and His Kingdom.

1. What was your life like before you trusted Christ as your Savior and Lord?

· What was most important to you? What did your life revolve around?

· Where, and in what, did you look for security, peace of mind, and happiness?

· What were your attitudes towards life, your needs, and your problems?

In sharing this information you help establish common ground with the person you are talking with. Do not over emphasize your past, how bad you were, how rough of life you lived, but share truthfully.

2. How did you come to understand your need to accept Christ and give Him complete control of your life?

· When did you first hear the Gospel?

· What were your first thoughts and initial reactions to hearing the Gospel?

· How did the Holy Spirit draw you to the truth of the Gospel?

· What feelings and or thoughts did you struggle with before you responded to the Gospel?

In this section, do not feel that you have to present the entire Gospel. You are just telling how you came to realize your need, things you processed through before you responded to Christ, and then the fact you did receive Christ into your life. Refrain from using “church words” that the person you are talking with would not understand.

3. How has coming to Christ made a change in your life?

· What changes in your life, attitudes, and actions have taken place since coming to Christ?

· How has your life taken on new meaning since coming to Christ?

· What does your New Life in Christ mean to you?

In this section your focus should be on the changes and benefits you have, and continue to experience in your life. Why would the person you are talking with want to receive Christ for themselves?

As you finish, be receptive to the work of the Holy Spirit. Ask if they would like to meet again and talk more about this. Don’t feel pressured to go any farther than what God is opening the door for. If there is an openness to hear the Gospel, then have a plan that will allow you to do that. Let them know you will be praying for them as you leave.