Every Sunday morning from 9:30–10:30am we offer LifeGroup classes here at Immanuel. The various LifeGroups meet together for a time of mutual encouragement, fellowship, and deeper study of God’s Word. Join together with a group of people who are at a similar point in their journey, where you will be encouraged, equipped, and challenged to be on mission with God.

Life's a journey. Come let us help you experience it the way God designed it!

Classes age-divided; classes from birth–6th grade 
We have over 10 children's LifeGroup classes. The children's check-in area is at the end of the 200 hallway.
Classes for Middle School & High School Students
Various meet in Epicenter
College & Young Singles
David Hodge; Room 330
Young Marrieds
James Tyree; Room 201 (Newlyweds)
Railey & Washington; Room 334 (Young Marrieds with Kids)
Young-Median Adults
David New; Room 324
Median Marrieds
Jason Albertson; Room 331
Don James; Room 328
Jim Kirkpatrick/Bob Spencer; Room 326
Steve Hudson; Room 322
Denny Pettigrew; Dining Room

Senior Adults
Doug Wine; Room 248
Gene Hladik; Room 318
Marilyn Johnson/Barbara Dole; Room 312
Doug Kimple; Room 250

Men's Class
Tom Madison; Room 308
Women's Class
Patricia McGonigal; Room 320